Google Chrome Stop the 'Autoplay' on the Desktop | Google Chrome 2019

Google Chrome 2019 | Video playback automatically in the site that is opened in the browser engine often interfere with the user. See it as a disorder makes the Chrome and a few similar companies combat it. But, most of these solutions rely on the user to explicitly take action. Now, after the launch of a similar feature on the mobile phone, Google Chrome add the same capabilities on the desktop.


Google Chrome Stop the 'Autoplay' on the Desktop | Google Chrome 2019

Chrome "getting smart" to see which websites are allowed to play automatically and which are blocked. Intelligence that will learn from user behavior to personalize this feature. Google Chrome said a large number of autoplays can be paused and silenced, or tab they closed within six seconds. But six seconds seems good enough to know whether a user wants to hear sound from a video or not.

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For the next, Google Chrome will learn from the behavior of browsing. User own learn which sites want to be silenced. Users who do not log in, or new to Chrome will automatically turn off approximately 1,000 sites by default.

The site is based on the size of the six seconds that is used to detect the site which is annoying. The company promises that this new system, it will block about half of autoplays that are not in want.

But because none of these systems are perfect, and Google admits that sometimes things that are wrong and the user must manually activate some of the site.

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