Forced Vendors Install Chrome and Search, Google Could be Fined

As it is known that Google Chrome 2019 includes the most popular and relied on by many internet users. The glory of that Google seems to now start piqued after the commission of business competition of the European Union or EU Commissioner for Competition filed a lawsuit and penalty for action against Google. They oblige the vendor of the gadget to put the Chrome app and use the services of a search engine the Google Search as the default.


Google Chrome

The head of the EU Commissioner for Competition Margarethe Vestager stated that Google has been imposing vendor gadgets based on Android to pair the app Chrome an Google Search so that they have no other choice, as quoted from The Washington Post.

According to Vestager, it triggers the onset of the dominance of Google in the digital ecosystem and the internet, so turn off the competitiveness of the competitors.

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Earlier, the EU Commissioner for Competition claimed to find a policy that must be adhered to by the vendors of the gadgets based on Android, that they have to install the application Google as default if you want to can get access to download the apps and services Google Play Store.

So far Google has not given a response. EU commissioner for Competition has yet to determine penalties or fines that could be meted out to Google in Europe. However, there are some parties who consider Google does not make mistakes.

Those who do not agree to the EU Commissioner for Competition stated that Google takes steps such as how to finance the development of open source platform Android, which used the vendor of the gadget.

As already known that Google itself obtain their income mostly from service digital advertising that utilizes a user's search app Chrome and the Google search engine Search.

If EU Commissioner for Competition imposes this penalty, then, of course, it will impact quite seriously on the importation of Google's revenue. Source: Download Google Chrome 2019