Features of Latest Google Chrome 2019 for Android without Internet Connection

Google Chrome 2019 APK for Android now can save an article offline that allows us to access the article without the use of quotas.The latest feature allows us to download a page of the website without compromising the quality and package data. According to page GSMarena such features has a function as if we were like the usual web surfing, but without the use of the data. How does it work?


Google Chrome 2019 for Android

According to google when we're using a WiFi connection or home office Google will automatically download the articles in accordance with our will.

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Google will also read browsing history we and present articles that fit for us. Well the article in the download is what we'll be able to access without using your data plan. Quota can safely be worn until the end of the month. Google said the latest update of Google Chrome 2019 is already available in more than 100 developing countries including India, Nigeria, Indonesia and even brazil. Source: Download Google Chrome 2019